Bears Don’t Share is a fun-filled, action-packed, outdoor adventure story that features a compelling competition between an iconic mountain man and his furry frenemy. Their boisterous and bruising battle for blueberries culminates in a clever and unexpected plot twist. Children will be left wondering who really won and who lost while taking special delight in the vicarious thrill of outsmarting a grizzly bear!

This book showcases the talents of Lauren Sullivan, a brilliant young illustrator who has turned a good story into an extraordinary visual adventure. Lauren’s book design and illustrations reflect a playful creativity and a refined artistic sensibility that will keep children anxiously awaiting every turn of the page.

For those who want more, this is just the first in a three-book collection that follows the adventures of Davy Crockett and the grizzly bear. Children will thrill to the physical challenges in Bears Don’t Share, share in the magic of Anything You Want, and join a scientific search in The Scavenger Hunt. Each of these stories has been written to stimulate children’s attention in unique, engaging, and often surprising ways.